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6 Ways Martial Arts Can Help Your Kids Grow Independent And Capable

Posted: September 09, 2020

6 Ways Martial Arts Can Help Your Kids Grow Independent And Capable

This Is How Martial Arts Help Your Kids Grow Independent And Capable

Martial arts can be very practical and useful for the development of your children into adults and individuals. Learn how martial arts help your kids future.

Martial arts are without a doubt one of the most fun things you can sign your kid up for. To most kids, it doesn't get much cooler than learning how to "fight" after school. But in reality, martial arts is so much more than just a fighting lesson.

Martial arts is one of the best ways a kid can learn independence. It can help shape them into a responsible and capable person without them even realizing it. Keep on reading to find out how martial arts help your kid grow.

1-Martial Arts Teach Discipline

Discipline is one of the most important skills a person can own.

Whether its karate, taekwondo, or jujitsu, skills in these arts don't grow overnight. They take practice and dedication to get right. From perfecting your stance to channeling your energy, you need discipline to excel.

Through exhibitions demonstrations, kids will have the opportunity to see themselves grow. They'll also see their class grow.

They'll learn from each other, and have constant motivation to improve. Kids always want to be the best in their class, and this doesn't stop with martial arts.

It can be frustrating when something doesn't click the first time. But this is just a natural part of the learning process. Martial arts give kids an understanding of this that carries into adulthood.

2-Learn to Appreciate Exercise

Martial arts are a great way to get your kid started with health and exercise.

No matter what martial art you're into, you're going to get a pretty good workout. Each session starts with a healthy amount of stretches. Kids will learn that these are necessary before every session, whether at home or in the dojo.

Martial arts help kids release endorphins, get out some steam, and get a workout while they're at it. It could set up and interest in future athletic outings and sports. Martial arts will teach them how great it feels to be active.

Plus, active kids get better grades! This could help set them up for a very successful school career.

3-Learn to Respect Yourself & Others

If there's one thing that every martial art teaches, it's respect.

Every martial art has a master, or "sensei", and every master demands respect. It's not unusual for students to refer to their teacher as "sir" when addressed. Beyond respecting the master, martial arts teach kids to respect themselves and each other.

Students learn that without respect for everyone in the dojo, they won't make progress. They have to believe in themselves to push forward and hone their skills. They have to believe in the teacher to properly absorb what's being taught.

Martial arts students learn that teamwork and respect for others is the best way to progress. Every student will deal with struggles throughout their martial arts training. Some will struggle to nail forms and techniques that others don't.

It won't be long before students learn to share their knowledge and skills with the group. Martial arts aren't about competition, they're about personal growth and knowledge. An important part of respect is teamwork, and there are plenty of opportunities for teamwork in martial arts.

Martial arts students learn that the best way forward is through respect. Respect others by helping them, and respect the master by following diligently. This will teach a kid how to demand respect when they're older, and how to give respect when they need to.

4-Learn Self-Defense

One of the most common misconceptions about martial arts is that it's teaching kids how to fight. The truth is actually quite the opposite.

Martial arts teach kids self-defense. It teaches them that violence is not the answer, but that it is present nonetheless. Some people want to cause harm, and if you're faced with those people you need to know how to defend yourself.

Self-defense skills aren't only physical, but mental and emotional. A child who learns the importance of self-defense versus violence will be better equipped to stand up to bullies. They'll know how to try and diffuse a situation, and how to defend themselves if worse comes to worse.

Kids who learn martial arts understand the importance of defending themselves and others. They can apply this knowledge to school, work, and life in general as they grow older. 

5-Become More Focused

Martial arts undoubtedly offer great physical benefits. But what many don't realize is that they also offer cognitive benefits! These include increased memory function, and focus.

One study suggests martial arts offer significant boosts to a kid's cognitive functions. Martial arts give kids AST training, otherwise known as attention state training. AST is a state of mind that lets kids focus longer, and with more strength than average.

Researchers took two groups of kids: one group practiced karate, and one did not. They tested each group by repeating a few series' of numbers to them. They then asked them to repeat the numbers back in forwards and backward order.

The group that practiced karate was much better at this than the group that did not. These results show that karate improves focus, as well as memory retention.

AST is usually linked with meditation and yoga. Now, karate and other martial arts can be added to that list. The study also showed that kids in martial arts were less aggressive and more likely to help bullying victims. 

A focused kid will grow into a focused adult. Learning focus will help in future schooling, work, and family matters. The sooner your kid learns this, the better.

6-Understanding How Martial Arts Help Kids

Most people don't realize exactly how martial arts help kids. They think martial arts is all about giving kids something to do after school. In reality, martial arts help kids in some of the most crucial aspects of their future lives.

If you want your kid to be a more focused, respectful, and disciplined adult sign them up for martial arts. Whether its karate or krav maga, your kid will thank you for it in the future.

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